Update(07/09/16) – New codes have been uploaded by stacksocial.

Hello there.

My name is Sai, and i would like to welcome you to Dragie family. Thank you for purchasing Dragie v2 lifetime subscription.

At this moment, we are experiencing dragie automatic activation issues(the reason is explained below). First of all, go here and register for an account with Dragie: https://dragie.com/signup/?lid=1 . After you’ve done filling that form, you’ll be redirected to a paypal payment page asking you to pay $199-DON’T PAY here. Email us your coupon code(license code received from stacksocial) and registered username to support@dragie.com.

I’ll try to manually activate your account as soon as possible.

Here’s the reason that has caused manual activation:

Initially, dragie’s stacksocial promotion(from where you got the deal) was set to run for 60 days, so the coupon codes are set to expire after that period. Due to the success of the promotion, Stacksocial decided to keep the promotion for a few more days. Since the 60 days have passed, the coupon code you received is shown expired according to our database. I’ve tried to update the database of coupon codes, but wasn’t able to do so due to its structure. I’m now working with stacksocial to remove those old expired coupon codes they have, and update them with freshly generated coupon codes.
Please kindly understand and co-operate with us to get your account activated.

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