How it works?

1. Create a new Project

First, open “Dragie” web application to start a new Project. Then, a container is created for you where you drag and drop to build your website without writing a line of code.

2. Drag and Drop HTML Sections and Modules

Drag and Drop from our 34 html elements, ready made templates, and 16 Boostrap themes to build your website without coding! Make the best use of our Text, CSS, Javascript editors to customize your site.

3. Export your website. Get the html code!

Once, you are done with the drag & drop. Preview your work, and export it in the form of html code, which can then be hosted on your localhost or webserver.

Award Winning Features

35+ Ready Made HTML Sections

Dragie features built-in ready made html sections: headers, contents, and footers. Saves time. No need to Code.Simply Drag and Use!

Bootstrap Framework

Dragie website builder is based on bootstrap latest framework, which’s the WORLD’s most popular framework for developing responsive website.

Browser Based

Dragie is a browser-based website builder. So, it works on PC/MAC or any computer. It’s also portable, can be stored on USB, Flash Drive

15+Beautiful Bootstrap Themes

Dragie offers 16 beautiful, fully compatible and production-ready bootstrap themes. Changing colors? It’s just a click!

Over 30 Elements/Modules

From simple text to a complex thumbnails elements, Dragie has 30+ elements including progress bars, login forms, navbars, text/html, buttons, sliders…everything you need to build a website.


From beginners to Experienced Developers, Dragie is suitable for everyone. Dragie’s drag and drop functionality, html/javascript/css editors, bootstrap framework make us ideal for everyone.

Fully Featured Text Editor

Dragie includes fully featured text editor that enables you to make changes to your text. Add special effects, change fonts, insert tabls.. add magic to your text using our text editor. What else? Add magic to your text.

Mobile-friendly design

Websites built with Dragie can be made mobile-friendly. So, mac or ipad give the best of your website to visitors!

Live Page Editing

All the changes you make to your Dragie project are automatically reflected. So, that you can preview your changes while you edit!

Drag and Drop Material Design Colors

Dragie is based on Material Design Palette, by Google. Simply drag your desired color and drop it.

500+ Google Web Fonts

Dragie comes pre-included with over 500+ google web fonts, that can be added to your website. Select your font and size it to your requirements.

Add your Custom Code.

Using Dragie Code editors, you can add your custom html, css and java script. With Dragie link editor, edit your website links easily. Dragie is Developer friendly!